OK, here’s a rundown of some of the rules while attending Viva Lebowski 2014:

  • You have to present your ticket before entering the facility. No ticket or team, no entry. Excuses like “I gave the tickets to my friend and they lost them” or “My Pomeranian ate them” will not fly with us.
  • There are no refunds for tickets. Once you buy them, you own them.¬†
  • You’ll be required to wear proper bowling shoes when bowling. Shoes are your responsibility. We’re not buying your shoes, taking your turn or buying you a beer. Which leads to our next rule..
  • Have your Maine State ID. Just because your mom says your 21 doesn’t mean anything to us. Bring your Maine State ID and use it when purchasing one of the drink specials…like a Caucasian. You will not be served if you are under the age of 21, and we reserve the right to remove you ( and, possibly, the party you came with ) if you violate this rule. This leads us to to the next bit……
  • Don’t be un-dude. We reserve the right to have you removed from the premises with no refund for your ticket if you act like an idiot, or waving a piece on the lanes.
  • Flash photography is not only permitted, its encouraged. Take as many pictures as you’d like, but if you choose to have us post them, its your responsibility not to give us pics you’re going to regret later. We also reserve the right to use any and all images taken during the night as part of the website.
  • Please respect your surroundings. The great folks at EasyDay Restaurant and Bowl¬†were good enough to allow us to use their facility for this event. Don’t screw this up for everyone else by destroying property. If you do, it will be YOUR responsibility to pay for it. Not ours.

That’s all we’ve got for now. Other than these rules, go and enjoy yourself and tell your friends to buy tickets, too.